Blogging and laundry, the perfect combination


What can you learn from watching someone fold a t-shirt. Sorry what was that? Ah, I thought I heard right, you said “how to fold a t-shirt, what else do you think you can learn?”

Well in an attempt to get your business noticed maybe now is the time to start blogging. Many people have used blogging to help promote their own businesses, sometimes by accident and sometimes by design. Take the English Cut blog by Thomas Mahon. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel write about how an English tailor make a worldwide impact through blogging in their book “Naked Conversations”. Not everyone will achieve the success of English Cut but you don’t know until you try.

Do I still have your interest? Good, the t-shirt bit will be coming soon. One good way to attract interest in blogs and keep your readers attention is to include clips in it. You know the sort I mean, if you need any inspiration throw a few random search terms into You Tube. It is an approach which more and more Customer Street customers are considering.

If you are a builder then why not do a before and after video clip, or maybe do a real time demo on how to build a wall. Plumbers why not do some basic plumbing tips or maybe ironing services should take a look at doing something similar to this clip. Take a look and I’m sure you will not only be impressed but will probably even give it a go.  Clips can be a great way to get people coming back for more.


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