About Graham Armstrong

Graham Armstrong is the manager of the Customer Exprience team at BT Customerstreet.

The brands covered include BT Exchanges, BT Webclicks, BT Customerstreet, More UK, Smile Local and of course our original online directory UFindUs.com.

Graham has over 20 years management experience and more recently he was the property manager for a multi brand retail group managing a portfolio of over 250 stand alone units and department store concessions as well as heading up the customer services team for two of their retail brands.

In the last four years at BT Customerstreet Graham’s customer focussed experience has been invaluable in initially setting up the Accountability Department and he now heads up the Customer Experience team. His primary function is to ensure that all of the brands than come under the Customer Street umbrella provide an exceptional customer experience from our first point of contact onwards.

Graham will often be found writing customer focused articles on various blogging sites on the net, promoting the high standards that we set as well as making sure that our critics are given the opportunity to discuss with us, through honest exchanges in these forums, areas of concern that they may have

To contact Graham or the CVustomer Experience team then you can either send an email to ce@btcustomerstreet.com or alternatively call 0845 263 1014 and we will pass your query onto the person best placed to help you.


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